The First Stone

Don Aker

The Novel

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You can change your life, no matter how horrible it is, if you can fix your mistakes.


Reef is a young boy who is hardly able to contain his anger over the death of his grandmother, the only person who showed him love. Leeza is mourning over the death of her sister who dies of cancer. While Reef and his friends were hanging out at an old and abandoned hotel, a demolitions crew comes to check out that building; feeling extremely angry because that's where they hang out, they vandalize the truck and all three of them run and they split up. Reef lands up on an overpass, takes out a rock the size of his fist and throws it down the overpass to vent off his anger. It hits Leeza's car which leads her into getting in a car accident with several other cars from which she lands up in a coma for a fairly long time. The court decides that Reef has to go to a rehabilitation facility and, coincidentally, later on, Leeza is put in the same rehab facility to get cured; not knowing each other, they both become friends and bond over the understanding of losing a loved one. One day, Leeza’s mother visits her at the rehab center and recognizes Reef from the courtroom. Leeza finds out that it was Reef who did all of that to her, and potentially ruined her life. She felt betrayed and her mother then put on a restraining order on Reef. In the end Reef is telling this story to students at a school and how he made some bad choices when he was young, and also, Leeza kept showing ways wanting to contact Reef but the restraining order kept them apart.


The book takes place in a fictional Halifax the 21st century. Since a good chunk of the story is about the 2 teenagers bonding overtime in the rehab center, the most frequent place they would be is in the rehab centre, but there were other locations like the court room and the old hotel.



An angry but, hurt 17 year old who is angry at the world for the death of his grandmother. But after the accident he caused, he saw how you can make yourself happy by helping other people. He feels guilty for what he had done and he starts to volunteer and help others and eventually becomes caring and happy with himself.


A caring, but sad girl who mourns over the death of her older sister; but after the horrible car crash she got into which led her going into a coma for several months, she changes and feels betrayed by Reef when she finds out that he did all of that to her, who had no means to betray her

Secondary Author/Website Analysis

Lesley Choyce:



There is quite a lot of information about the authors books, and on himself too. The books are listed in a organized way with there plot summaries and topics covered in the book. He also has a webpage for News and Current Events which include news and events regarding the author.


There aren't many graphics on the website but the ones that are there aren't the best, but they still are pleasant. The social buttons aren't very consistent (i.e. the Facebook button doesn't have a transparent background but the YouTube button does, the Facebook button has a gradient while the Blogger icon has a solid colour).


The font that the website is probably Aleo. The headings and titles in the website are large and visible while the body is quite small but still readable.


Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 2

This movie has the theme of the First Stone in an odd way, The First Stone's theme doesn't relate to the main characters a lot, just one significant character: Draco Malfoy.


The theme 'change' apply to this movie because in the last movie of the Harry Potter series, Draco has a choice to be with Lord Voldemort, and be (presumably) powerful, or be with his family and possibly redeem himself. In the end, the choice he makes is to be with his family instead of being powerful and with that decision, he redeems himself.


The First Stone Podcast by omarthen3rd

Does the source merely entertain?

The source does entertain a bit, but not a lot because the book is not focused on being entertaining, but focused on learning something, something valuable to ones everyday life.

Does the source entertain as well as provide valuable information?

Yes, the source provides valuable information like how you should make the right choices in your life and to accept the mistakes you've done. It also helps you learn to change your life no matter how horrible it might be.

Does the source entertain, inform and provide a new insight and perspective?

The source entertains, informs a lot and proves a new insight and perspective on life and how the choices you make right now can haunt you in the future, just like Reef.