The Child Called "It"

Author: David Pelzer Report by: Kelsie Renteria

My Report.

The book i was reading is The Child Called "It". The author is David Pelzer. I picked this book for many reasons. One was that I had heard a lot of my friends and family talk about this book in a very positive way. Saying it was a good read and that it always had their eyes glued to the pages. I also chose this book because i like mystery and gore, especially when it is true events that really happened.

In the book The Child Called "It" a young boy lives his normal life. A life filled with friends, family, and fun. He would play outside, have picnics, and go on vacations like any normal kid. Till he grows a little older and his mother begins a bad drinking problem along with his father who is his hero. Young David goes threw a lot from about age 7-12. His loving caring mommy grows in to a hate loving drill Sargent. Mommy turns to mom then to mother till she is no longer the person she used to be and is now known as "The Mother" a horrible, torturous, evil woman who will stop at nothing to make David feel less and lees of a person and more like the gum on the bottom of someones shoe.

Even though David was beaten daily, forced to puke up his lunch from school because "The Mother" suspected him of stealing food due to the fact she never fed him but once or twice a week, shoved into a small bathroom with a big bucket of ammonia and clorox, and many other dirty "games" "The Mother" felt like making up. David would always find a way in his own mind to "one up" her. To show her he wasn't backing down. He would steal food from stores, and cheat on his chores, he would use things in the basement where he practically lived till school or chores were due. He would find any way to show "The Mother" she wasn't going to run David down.

Even though "The Mother" was evil and cunning David still loved and missed her, not so much "The Mother" but his mommy, who would rarely show up here and there, when mother was sober or "The Mother' felt bad. An example in the book of this is one day when David was supposed to be doing his chores and after a heated argument between his mother and father, "The Mother" needed to get out her anger and frustration on someone and of course it was David. Who she no longer called him, it was either "The Boy", "Boy", or the oh so infamous "It". But she saw that David had missed a few things during chore time. She pointed it out forced him to down a couple of table spoons of ammonia, and then came at David with a knife saying "I'm gonna kill you one day!' as she swung the blade at him, he wasn't too scared because she had done this before many times but she was always bluffing and would sen him down stairs to the basement, but this time...she took it too far. "The Mother" got too close and bam. The knife was stabbed into Davids stomach as he tried to figure out what happened "The Mother" went away she realized she did take it too far, David passed out, and awoke to comfort, and food, and relaxation. This was an old-new feeling he didn't understand he was hurt pretty bad, but he didn't mind he had his "Mommy" it lasted for a couple days but was soon returned to the hell house as David called it.

Eventually Davids house of horrors ends. His prayers are answered and He is put in state custody. Finally he is out of the gut wrenching grasps of "The Mother'. But David still loves his mother. Even though she was a crazy lady and did all the horrible things she did. He still remembered to good times.

In my honest opinion this book is amazing. I loved reading it. It always had my attention and made me want more after each page. I Think that this would be a great book for anyone to read if they are into gore, and mystery, hope, and action. I really enjoyed reading this book.

I would most definitely recommend this book to friends, family, even strangers. This book is just a really good read. It will have your heart racing, and your eyes watering. The greatest part though is that this is a true story and it really happened and it makes you sit and think that if a young boy can be put through all this turmoil and still look up and have faith then anyone can still have faith and come from the bottom and end at the top.