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December 10, 2021-January 3, 2022

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St Gabriel Education Centre is a safe and caring environment where students are given the differentiated, flexible, and engaging learning opportunities that will inspire them to be successful in learning and life.

Principal's Update

Dear St. Gabes students and families,

It's hard to believe that we only have 1 week left until Christmas vacation! It's hard to believe that it was only a few short months ago that I was starting a new year in a new school. This season always gives us time to reflect on our year and the many things that we have to be grateful for. It's a "count your blessings" time of year! I know I feel very blessed to have joined the St. Gabes family. It's such a great school with amazing staff, students and families. I love knowing that I get to spend my days here with this wonderful community.

Reflecting on our year, we have raised money for the Terry Fox foundation, we supported the Lac St. Anne Catholic Parish and the Indigenous communities that it serves with our food drive. We are collecting household and personal items currently to support the refugees coming to Canada from Afghanistan. We've done a lot to support our faith theme of, "Arise! Get going, go with God!". Through our actions we can serve those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

I want to wish you all the happiest of Christmas seasons and I pray that you all stay healthy throughout the entire holiday. I look forward to seeing you all on January 3, 2022!

Many Blessings to you all,

Renee Trottier,


December-January Calendar

December 16 at 11:30 - Pop Tarts and Pop Culture with The Doug.

December 17 - Last day of school

January 3 - School back in session

January 7 - Last day of regular classes. Last day to hand in course work

January 11 - diplomas and final exams begin. See schedule below

January 14 - St. Gabes will be closed for our staff meeting/PD day.

January 31 - School closed for staff faith and wellness day

February 1 - Semester 2 begins.

Diploma and Final Exam Schedule

Please note - FOR DIPLOMAS - All exams start promptly at 9:00. Students are expected to be here by 8:45 for instructions, set up, etc. Exams end at 12:00 but students have up to double the time allotted if they require it. Students cannot leave a diploma exam until 10:00.

January 11 - ELA30-1 | 30-2 Part A exam

January 12 - Social 30-1 | 30-2 Part A exam

January 13 - ELA final exams for grades 10-11

January 14 - No School

January 17 - Social final exams for grades 10-11; Bio 30 Diploma review

January 18 - Math final exams grades 10-11

January 19 - Science Final exams grades 10-11 (all sciences)

January 20 - Math 30-1 | 30-2 diploma exam

January 21 - ELA 30-1 | 30-2 Part B diploma exam

January 24 - Social 30-1 | 30-2 Part B diploma exam

January 25 - Biology 30 diploma exam

January 26 - Chemistry 30 diploma exam

January 27 - Physics 30 diploma exam

January 28 - Science 30 diploma exam

Diploma Exam Prep Courses

Many students take prep classes before they write their diploma exams. There are several places that offer prep classes. We have linked a couple here for you convenience. These are also on our website and in moodle. Many of your teachers also offer diploma review so check with them for dates and times.

Booking Times with your Teachers

We encourage our students to come in and meet with their teachers at least once per week (either during a seminar or during small group or one-on-one time). Having said that, our teachers schedules are very packed this semester so when you cancel last minute or fail to show up, it creates a hardship for other students. Please be respectful of everyone's time. If you have to cancel an appointment, please give us as much notice as you can so we can rebook someone else.

Exams - if you need a private place to write exams but then don't show up for the time you booked, we cannot guarantee that we will have a private place available for you the next time you come in. We have limited space and no shows put a huge strain on our ability to serve our students. Again, please be respectful of everyone's time and energy.

Semester Two - Begins Feb. 1, 2022

Have you registered for any courses for semester 2? If not, please see Mrs. Franklin and let her know which classes you would like to take.

Are you unsure whether you are registered in classes for semester 2? Did you know that you can check your schedule on PowerSchool and find all the information you need. If you need help with any of this, please see Mrs. Trottier.

School Council

Our next School Council meeting is on January 10 at 6:30pm. We meet once per month except for December and June. All of our meetings are online. You can find the agenda and meeting link on our website under "About Us/School Council". We look forward to seeing you!

Refugee Relief Fund

We are asking our St. Gabes community to collect new personal items to support the many refugees coming to Canada from Afghanistan.

We require the following items:

  • backpacks to pack the items in
  • personal items and toiletries
  • school supplies
  • diapers
  • winter clothing

You can bring in the items to St. Gabes and we will drop them off for you, or you can donate directly by clicking on this link. If you make a donation, please email or call us to let us know so that we can add it to our donation total.

Hampers for Christmas

Are you or your family (or someone you know) in need of a Christmas hamper? Please call the St. Albert Community Village and Salvation Army - (780) 459-0599 to register.


Just a friendly reminder to park in our lower parking lot when you are coming to the school. As well, the handicapped parking spot is for our handicapped students, not for parents to use as a drop off zone. Thank you for your consideration.

Moodle - New Site for Semester 2!

We are in the process of updating our Moodle site. It will be ready to launch for semester 2 on February first. It will look different than before but everything you have now will still be on the site.

Meet our Staff!

Mrs. Tracy Delhez

I am excited to be back at St. Gabriel Education Center as your school counsellor! I am available Tuesdays and Thursdays to meet with you. I enjoy helping students! Please contact me at with inquiries and/or to book an appointment.

- Mrs. Delhez, M.Ed., R. Psych

What I can help you with;

  • Career counselling: job search techniques, job requirements, job salary, job outlook
  • Educational counselling: orientation to St Gabriel Education Centre, choosing courses appropriate to goals, interests and abilities
  • Post-secondary counselling: admission requirements for post-secondary institutions, cost of programs, scholarships, loans, assistance with registration
  • Personal counselling: help with any concerns or problems a student may have, and, if necessary, referrals to outside agencies.

I also enjoy helping you connect to resources:

  • Interest and aptitude testing: students have the opportunity to use a career program called ALIS, which assists them in making career decisions. Students may take the COPS Interest Inventory to help them match their interests and areas of strength.
  • Post Secondary Information/Financial Support: upcoming post-secondary information sessions that are being held are posted by Mrs Trottier on our school's social media, website, and moodle dashboard. I can help with connecting students to Student Services Supports at post secondary institutions and finding financial support.
  • Counselling centre: this is a drop-in information centre for use by students. Academic calendars of most post-secondary programs are available.
  • Referral services: I can refer students who need assistance. Some of these referrals may involve community agencies such as: Family School Liaison Worker, Alberta Health Services Mental Health/Addictions and City of St. Albert Resources.

I look forward to meeting you and supporting you in reaching your goals!

Catholic Corner

ARISE! Get Up, Get Going and Go with God!

"Arise! I have appointed you as a witness of what you have seen!"

(Acts 26:16)

Our GSACRD Faith theme is in its second year of, "Arise! Get Up, Get Going and Go with God!"

This year, we are focusing on the "Get Going!" part of our theme. How do students, staff and parents know, model and witness Jesus Christ?

The Season of Advent and Christmas

Advent began on November 28 and goes until December 24. After that, we enter into the Christmas season (or Christmastide) until January 9, which is the feast of the baptism of the Lord. The 12 days of Christmas actually falls after December 24, not before (as big box stores would have us believe).

The Advent season is a waiting period - a period of preparation and excitement as we await the coming of the Lord, Jesus Christ. After Advent, we are finally done waiting and we start our celebrations of the birth of the Lord. We're so excited about Jesus Christ coming into our lives, that we actually circle around again to Christmas 40 days later on the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord. At the time that Mary and Joseph were living, the law required that they bring their first born son (Jesus) to the Temple to be dedicated. This is known as Candlemas. Back in the day, people used to light candles and walk to the Temple in a procession, hence the name.

So, even though the stores are putting Christmas decorations on sale and loading up the shelves with Valentine's Day displays, we are actually still celebrating the birth of Jesus for a really long time! It's a massive month long birthday party for the King!

Mental Health and Wellness

Don't forget to check out our "Mental Health and Wellness" section on our website for wellness ideas, tips, resources and sessions that are being offered. Click on "community supports" for information about services in St. Albert and area to support you or your family.

Exam Month Equals Increased Anxiety. If someone is having a hard time, we naturally want to help fix things for them or problem solve. Sometimes, this is not the best thing for that person. They may be looking for safety, calmness, quiet, connection, or more. Next time someone you know is feeling anxious, listen first and then try saying these phrases (see picture below) instead of looking to fix their problem.

Anxious thoughts and feelings can make you feel like you're in real danger. Having the courage to work through those thoughts and feelings is the first step. You can be afraid (or anxious) and still have the courage to do it anyways.

Kids Help Phone - 1-800-668-6868

AHS Mental Health Helpline - 1-877-303-2642

Follow GSACRD Voice on Instagram for more mental health information and resources.

Big picture

Counselling at SGEC

Our school counsellor at St. Gabriel Education Center is Mrs. Tracy Delhez. She is able to provide social and emotional support to students both online or at school. Mrs. Delhez is available at SGEC on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons until 5:30. Counselling referrals can also be made by parents or teachers. Support is provided for individual or family concerns and referrals to outside agencies can be accessed through Mrs. Delhez. For more information or to book an appointment please contact Mrs. Delhez at

COVID protocols

Greater St. Albert Catholic School division is now requiring all staff to either provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test every 72 hours. This requirement extends to volunteers, substitute teachers, contractors, etc. It does not apply to students. Please continue to complete the COVID checklist prior to coming to school. If you have any symptoms, you are required to stay home and cannot come into the school in person. You are welcome to join your seminars online. Should you begin to have symptoms while at school, you will be asked to go home.

In the case of a positive diagnosis, we encourage you to call us so that we can initiate contact tracing in a timely manner. AHS will contact us with any positive cases and we will notify any close contacts by phone and follow up with an email.

You can read our division's response to COVID-19 by clicking on our division website and reading our "Return to School" plan.

Safety Protocols

Please remember to check your health using the COVID screening tool each day prior to coming to school. We also ask that you wear a mask while in our common areas or seminar rooms. Hand sanitizer is available in several locations at the school.

Social Media

Have you checked out our social media yet? We've revitalized our Facebook and Twitter accounts and created a new Instagram account. Check us out and follow us!

Our Hours

Monday to Wednesday
8:30 am to 3:00 pm

8:30 am to 5:30 pm

8:00 am to Noon
All teachers are available

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