AIESEC New York City Update

Board of Advisors Update - March

Hello Board!

Hi Board Members!

I hope March has been treating you well! I wanted to send an update on the following things:

  • State of the LC
  • State of the Board of Advisors
  • Booking BoA meeting times

State of the LC

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State of the LC

Overall we are in a better position financially and exchange wise compared to this time 2015, but are not on track for goal achievement. March has been moving slower than we planned for and we are currently looking at initiatives we can run in the next 2 weeks to increase activity for April which is traditionally our peak for new contracts and matching students to go abroad.

State of the Board of Advisors

We are currently in the process of growing the Board, which means I am now looking to set up a more formal structure to the board. I would love input for things like terms, nominations process, setting up committees and the relationship between the Board and the LC.

I'd love to have an informal get together for the Board to meet and get to know each other before the next meeting:

I also want to propose the Q1 closeout meeting for the week of April 4th. Please fill this out so we can pick the time that work for the most people:

New Board Members