Assessment For Learning

Strategies for learning

Key Stategies

Two important strategies that would enhance my classroom would be the strategy of providing feedback which moves the learner forward and activating students as learning resources for one another. I found these two strategies to be essential. Many times as educators we teach the information and minimize our students comprehending the information because of timing or various learning levels within our classroom. These two strategies allow the students to fully process learning while holding the teacher accountable.

Formative & Summative

Formative and summative assessments are completely different and used in clearly different aspects. While formative assessment is to identify students strengths and weaknesses as well as allowing teachers to improve their strategies and pinpoint the issues of struggle faced by the student. This assessment can only be classified as low stakes, having no value. But summative assessment is evaluating student’s progress against a benchmark or state standard at the end of the academic year with a midterm exam, senior paper or final project. This assessment is classified as high stakes, having a point value.

Creative Classroom

I really enjoyed the pre-conflicts concept and believe its a vital tool that will allow students to engage with each other while giving them a level of accountability. The green, yellow and red checklist is a great way to keep students on task and teachers knowing where each child is in retaining the information.