Thursday's Thoughts

April 7, 2016

I hope you have had a good first week back! I wanted to let you all know that we will be getting a new student in Patty's room shortly. He has a severe coconut allergy (room sprays, perfumes, pure coconut oil, lotions, etc.) He walked into Palmetto Middle where they had used a coconut scented air freshener, and he had to use his Epipen as his airway began closing up. Please make sure that you do not use anything with coconut in it. :-)

Happy Friday!


#15 Realize the significant power you have to make a difference in others' lives each day.

Detroit Bound!

Our Jet Toy team will be leaving around 8:30 Tuesday, April 12th for the competition. We want to send them off right! We will gather in the halls at 8:15 to cheer for the team as they parade around the school. Please pray for Kristy, Kelly, Taylor Turner, Bryce Dickson, Zoriana Shykaraduk, and Jan Carlos Berra as they travel for this competition and hope to bring home a win! We are very proud of them!!

Teacher Surveys

It is time for you to complete the annual teacher survey. There is a very short time line for completing this survey. Please make sure you log in and complete the survey by Monday afternoon. The sooner the better!


Teachers can access the survey at the SDE homepage by clicking the link for Teacher Opinion Survey under Hot Topics. They must first enter their school identification number (0401005) and click START to begin. School name will appear in the upper left corner of each screen. This survey is anonymous. Again, please complete this survey as soon as possible.

Test Prep Materials

I placed some test prep materials the district office purchased for teachers in grades 3-5 in boxes yesterday.

Summer Tutoring

We are going to offer summer tutoring to our lowest readers in grades K-2 here at Cedar Grove this summer. This will be offered first and foremost to those students are being considered for retention. As you begin meeting with parents and discussing the possibility of retention, we will offer tutoring and then level them at the end of the tutoring. If a child is able to make gains, we will consider moving forward to the next grade. This will ensure we are giving every opportunity possible before retaining a child.

If you would like to work some this summer in this capacity, please let me know. I have already spoken with some of you. The pay will be $26 an hour. I am tickled that we will be able to offer this for our children.

End of the Year Leveling

We will level all of our students to get an end of the year reading level. This leveling will be due on profile cards May 25th. I wanted you to have this date so that you could go ahead and begin planning for leveling since it does take some time.

End of they Year Celebrations for K-2

Be thinking of your plan for end of the year celebrations. I have the following dates down for these events:

May 24th: K5

May 26th: 1st and 2nd

We want them to be special for our kids since they do not receive awards. Let me know your thoughts for your grade level when you have a plan.

Father/Daughter Dance

Our dance is next Thursday at 6:30. We need a lot of help setting up, serving, and taking pictures in the picture booth. Please plan to help. I will have a sign up sheet in the conference room tomorrow.


We will be getting more information out to parents about testing dates. We want parents to know the importance of students being here and on time every day. Parents should not schedule doctor's or dentists appointments on testing dates as well. For teachers in grades 3-5, please put in your newsletters for students to be here every day and on time! Please even plan to provide an incentive if you can that students will get if they are here each day for testing on time. Research shows that students perform better when they are able to take the test with their teacher rather than have to make it up with someone else. Please help us by getting the word out!

Upcoming Dates:

April 8th: Report Cards issued

April 12th: Faculty meeting

April 12th: Jet Toy team leaves for Detroit

April 14th: Father/Daughter Dance

April 15th: 5th grade Olympics

April 15th: Chorus to Carowinds

New Hires

We have hired two new members to our staff- Mr. Sam Cothran and Mrs. Marley Hart. As most of you know, Amber and Jessica have decided to stay home next year with their babies. They will both be here working as interventionists, so we are not loosing them totally! Marley Hart will be filling our resource position as Stephanie transitions into the vision position for the district. Sam will be joining our fifth grade team.

We have received a substantial amount of funding for a STEM lab. The planning is still in the works, but as it stands now, our plan is to have the library be on a flex schedule so that Katie can work more closely with you and your students and allow more time for research. This will allow the library to be used as it should be. We will have a STEM lab as part of our related arts rotation where our students will go to the lab once a week. Science will be taught in the classrooms and the lab will be an extension of the classroom where students can work on projects, investigations, and experiments. Kristy Smith will be our STEM lab teacher. We are so excited to bring the lab here and to be able to begin work with Project Lead the Way which focuses on STEM. I will give out more information as we finalize plans.