Roman and U.S ideas

Citizenship,law,and also justice

Citizen's rights

Male citizen enjoyed all of the right

Woman had limited rights

No voting of government office

Slaves were property with almost no rights

Small chance of freedom

Freedmen were freed from slavery

Roman mainly foucsed on ...


Inherited when family gets when a member passed away

Contracts between people

-Laws were written

Here are few example what they mainly focused about are...

Dont do the crime if you cant do the time

Fit the crime commited

Fines pay money


Banishment have to leave rome


Exection if gulity of treason

Patricide killing your father was punished by beging drought in a river slaves were beaten harder work or often crucified


Natural laws giving every citizen rights

Connected to life liberty and pursuit of happiness

Where do we see that in the united states( now the question we need to ask our selves)

Rights of the citizenship

Able to vote

Hold official office-civil and government

Own property and write contracts

They also wrote laws down

Go to court