Settlement Assessment Bianka Cortes

Scots Irish and Catholics

What caused these 2 groups to come to America?

Catholics came to America for the same reasons many religious groups came. They came to America to escape religious prosecution.

What drove the Scots Irish to come to America was the war,bad crops, religious conflict ,high prices on products , and the rise in rent .

What were these 2 groups seeking when coming to America?

Catholics came to America seeking the freedom to practice their religion.

Well the Scots Irish came to America to escape from the reasons that they were driven away. But, they mostly came to America because of the cheaper land.

Where did these groups settled and why?

Most of the Catholic colonies were established in Maryland. They settled in Maryland because that was the only place that they could be accepted. Many of the other colonies had laws that were against Catholics.

The 1st big group of Scots Irish landed in Pennsylvania in the hope they would find cheap land. Many then went to Virginia and the Carolina’s because they could get a greater amount of land.

What are some of the difficulties that these groups faced when coming to America?

Catholics weren’t the only ones in Maryland there were also many Protestants. They were being outnumbered which meant that they had to be tolarentent of their beliefs.

During the years of 1754-55 the Scots Irish found themselves within problems with the Indians. They took part in the French and Indian War. 1765-1783 they also saw and took part in the American Revolution.

When they came to America What were the names of the people that started the 1st colony for both of the groups Why?

The man that we have to thank for settling the catholics is George Calvert. He has chosen 1st Newfoundland to start a colony but, they were attacked by the French. He then dies and a charter was granted to his son in Maryland. Where he started the catholic colony.

Scots Irish_ James McGregor from County Londonderry. They arrived at Boston, and then many of them moved to New Hampshire, establishing the town of Londonderry. But, many of them later moved to Pennsylvania because of the land.