By: Hannah Kim

What even are Crop Circles?

· Crop circles are an area of crops that has been flattened to a circle or some kind of artistic geometric design.

Location of Crop Circles

  • They are located all around the world but it is mostly in England and the U.S.
  • Investigators found paintings of crop circles during Egyptian times but the first recorded sighting was in a 1678 news pamphlet The Mowing-Devil.
  • It is claimed by some cereologists* to be the first depiction of a crop circle.
  • So far, there has been 10,000 sightings recorded internationally.

* Cereologists are people who study crop circles

The Mystery

Many people have witnessed and reported seeing crop circles forming in 15-20 seconds. They all described seeing brightly colored balls of light (orbs) before and after the crop circle was formed. In some reports, people have seen shafts of light in a field where the crop is swirled into a geometric shape. When farmers find new crop circle formations, they usually see steam rising into the air within the circle.

Modern day research

  • The electromagnetic energy inside a crop circle can also interact with human and animal brainwave patterns. Because the human and animal body is electromagnetic in nature, being inside or near a crop circle has been known to affect people’s biophysical rhythms.
  • In the field of Crop Circle Plant Analysis and Research, high pressure infra sound is boiling water inside plant stems, causing the water to steam, and leaving tiny blowholes in the plants’ nodes. Microwave radiation is also believed to be how the stalks are bent and the plant's nodes are swollen.
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  1. UFOs and Aliens- People who agree with this theory say that the circles are either the imprint left by landing spacecraft or messages from aliens. Some eyewitnesses claim to have seen UFO-like lights and strange coming from crop circle sites.
  2. Winds- Probably the most scientific theory says that crop circles are created by small currents of swirling winds called vortices. The spinning columns force a burst of air down to the ground, which flattens the crops. Vortices are common in hilly areas such as parts of southern England.
  3. Earth Energy- Electromagnetic radiation. Scientists have measured strong magnetic fields inside crop circles, and visitors have sometimes reported feeling a tingling sensation in their body while in or near the circles.”
  4. Humans- The easiest explanation for crop circles is that they are man-made hoaxes. They were created either for fun or to confuse the scientists. The British team of Doug Bower and Dave Chorley, known as "Doug and Dave” are one of the most famous crop circle hoaxers.


1. The circles seem to be more elliptical than circular in shape.

2. They can be created within minutes.

3. "Believers" think that aliens are giving them signs in the circles.

4. Some researchers say that crop circles have been forming for thousands of years and was even stated in the bible and old folklore.


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