Mill Creek OST


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Giving Thanks

On behalf of the JCPRD MCE OST staff we would like to wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Break:

  • Wednesday, November, 25th, JCPRD will be CLOSED, NO care available
  • Thursday, November, 26th, JCPRD will be CLOSED, NO care available
  • Friday, November, 27th, JCPRD will be CLOSED, NO care available

Parent's Night Out:

Check out below for your FREE extended night of care!!!! Check out the day too!!!

Winter Break:

Mill Creek will be hosting winter break and share its space with Rising Star and Sunflower from December 21st-December 31st, 2015. Any child in Kindergarten-6th grade can enroll. There will only be 60 spots available. You can register on Monday, November 30th, 8:30am: call registration at 913.826.3014 or online at

Please reference these codes for Mill Creek's specific site & dates, field trips are still TBD:

Monday, December 21...........29872.........Field Trip TBD

Tuesday, December 22...........29873.........Field Trip TBD

Wednesday, December 23......29874..........Field Trip TBD

Thursday, December 24..........29875..........Staying on Site, CLOSE @ 4p


Monday December 28...........29876..........Staying on Site

Tuesday, December 29..........29877..........Field Trip TBD

Wednesday, December 30.....29904...........Field Trip TBD

Thursday, December 31.........29905..........Staying on Site, CLOSE @ 4p

A separate email will be sent out specifically about winter break information with trips and times.


If your child(ren) will not be attending JCPRD OST please call, 913.599.5785, by 3p, or email by 2p.

Please keep in mind that we open at 7am and close at 6pm. Late fees apply after 6p, a $1 per minute and will be strictly enforced.

Mill Creek's Parents Night Out

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Smart Water and Fiji water bottles needed!

If you drink Smart Water or Fiji water please save your water bottles for a craft the kids have been waiting to create. We appreciate your help on this.


How many acorns are stuffed in the jar? Come take a guess until November 23rd. Each JCPRD participant and parents get 1 guess. Write your guess and full name legibly on the paper provided. Good luck!

winter is coming...

and the possibilities of SNOW DAYS...Winter weather is nipping in the air and good planning is key. Keep in mind that SMSD USD512 JCPRD locations DO NOT offer Snow Day care, you will need to make other arrangements. Check your local news stations for closures, the SMSD website, and Twiiter that we will update if we are closed. During Winter Break we will remain open for any and all weather.

Kansas Weather

With the temps getting chillier, we ask that your child has the appropriate outdoor attire (appropriate footwear, coat, gloves, hat with names labeled inside) to wear outside, layer up. If they do not, they will need to stay inside.

School iPads

JCPRD will allow 3rd-6th graders, Monday-Thursday, the privilege to work on iPad homework for 30 minutes after their snack time: 4-4:30p. We have discussed expectations with you children; homework sites only, no disturbing others, no music, no taking pictures &/or videos, and use time wisely. We hope that this will be helpful to you and your child(ren).


Cold weather can cause more harm than just winter blues and cabin fever, the dry and cold air can cause painful chapped lips and hands. We can give some relief to those exposed chapped areas by signing your name next to your child's name on the form for permission to give Vaseline (for lips) and/or Gold Bond Sensitive Skin lotion (for hands). You can write down if both are OK to give or just one. If you do not give permission we will not be able to help your child when in pain due to chapped areas.

Bring in Your ID

Please have your ID ready to show when picking up your child(ren). We know we will have returning students and parent,s but when we have subs and new staff, they will ask for your ID. This is for your child's protection, thank you for your support on this.


We have a new change when signing in and out your child(ren). Parents will need to continue to add the time you sign in and out your child(ren) BUT you will also need to sign your initials as well. Inform your authorized persons picking up your child(ren) about our change.

Verifying Pick Ups-If we do not get a call, email, or note stating another person besides parents are not picking up, we will call to verify this. Please call the site number at 913.599.5785 if someone else is picking up your child(ren) so that our staff is informed and can attend to the kids.

Please remember to initial and time in and out your child(ren) daily.


Fee Due Dates:

Friday, November 6th

Friday, November 20th (1/2 payment)

November 23rd-27th complimentary week of no charge

Early Dismissal:

None for this month

Upcoming Closures:

  • Wednesday, November 25th
  • Thursday, November 26th, Thanksgiving
  • Friday, November 27th

All Day OST:

None for the rest of the month


  • Check-In: We will check 1st-2nd graders in at the Café, K, 3rd-6th graders check in in the JCPRD room. If you know your child(ren) will not be in OST please call us at 913.599.5785 or email me at If a student has not checked in with us, we will contact you if we haven't heard from you first.

  • Snack: Commit to Health snacking with healthy alternatives, fresh fruits and veggies with delicious water.

  • Homework/Reading time: After snack time your child(ren) can stay inside for our homework/reading time that will begin roughly at 4p and ends 4:30p. We encourage kids to work on homework but do not force them.

  • Activities: We will provide clubs for kids to experience a wide range of activities. Some of the clubs include: Chess, Writing, Cooking, Art & Crafts, Kid Fit, and STEAM. As we progress through out the months, new clubs may be added.

  • Outside/Gym Time: We believe it is essential for minds and bodies to have mental health breaks and join in on fitness breaks. Weather permitting we will go outside. JCPRD follows the Shawnee Mission school district’s weather policy. Please remember to have your child(ren) layer up and bring a jacket with their name labeled inside it. We will have structured activities for them to do during this time as well as free play.

  • Check-Out: When you come to pick up your child(ren) please remember to WALK IN and SIGN THEM OUT in room 002 through door #15. There is a late charge of a $1 per minute after 6:00pm


Morning Care:

Zachary Drummond-Lead Teacher M-F

Jennifer Thomas-Program Director M-F

After School:

Bailee Donegan-Lead M, T, R, F

Zachary Drummond-Lead Teacher M-F

Dylan St.Clair-Assistant Lead M-F

Klara Stevermer-Assistant Lead M-F

Jennifer Thomas-Program Director M-F

Jack Todd-Lead Teacher T & R