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6th grade Course Request Forms 2020-2021

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Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year

Hello Parents and Students,

We are hoping that you are getting through this challenging time. Although we are all at home, we have been steadily moving ahead and making plans for the 2020-2021 School year.

It is our hope that this newsletter will give you all of the information needed to make some good choices with your student regarding those classes.

In the following sections you will find important information regarding course selections.

Please take some time to read through everything. You will find the following information:

1. Requirements for Extended Classes: Math 6 Extended/Language Arts 6 Extended

2. Related Arts or Encore Selection Descriptions

3. Special Message from Mrs. Donahue-Barnisky-A.P. for 6th grade

4. What to choose if you are in the Math and Science Program

5. Band Selection form from Band Director (added to the bottom of the newsletter)

6. Course Form

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Requirements for Extended Classes

Language Arts 6 or Extended Language Arts 6

Normally, student's SOL scores in Language Arts play a large part of whether or not students are placed in Extended level courses. However due to the Coronavirus this year, SOL testing was cancelled.

This means that students will ultimately be recommended for Extended level classes based on teacher recommendations and their academic grades for Marking Periods 1-3 in 5th grade.

We have already sent out information to every Elementary school to consult with them regarding recommendations for Extended classes.

Student placement will be determined by the following criteria:

1. 5th grade teacher evaluation of the following: Can work independently and at an accelerated pace, can accept challenges, uses critical thinking skills and actively participates in class.

*If you are choosing an Extended class in Language Arts, we want you to know that we will be taking recommendations from your son/daughter's 5th grade teachers and counselors.

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Math 6 or Math 6 Extended

Math 6 or Math 6 Extended

To be successful in Extended Math, a student should be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers, fractions and decimals and have been exposed to Geometry. Student placement will be determined by prior academic performance and in accordance with the PWCS mathematics placement chart.

Requirements: If you are choosing Extended classes in Math, we want you to know that we will be taking recommendations from your son/daughter's 5th grade teachers and counselors.

We have limited spacing in our Extended classes, this means students will ultimately be recommended for Extended level classes based on teacher recommendations, their academic grades for Marking Periods 1-3 in 5th grade, and in accordance with the PWCS mathematics placement criteria.

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Related Arts or Encore Selection Descriptions

How Encores will work in 6th Grade.

Rippon students will continue to rotate encore/related arts classes on an A day and B day rotation.

Encore or Related Arts Classes are also on the Quarter system. Basically every Quarter (every 9 weeks), your student will be able to change into a new related arts class. They can pick between 3 to 4 different encore choices. (More information below)

Core Classes: Math, Science, Social Studies, Language arts do not rotate. Students will see these classes every day.

Music and PE: Will alternate on the A day/B day rotation.

Music Selection: Your student must choose a music class: Band, Chorus, or Orchestra.

Signet Students: Will take their classes in the Related Arts Sequences. Although there are 4 choices in the Quarter system, 1 choice will be taken by their gifted class which will be called Independent Study. Therefore, all signet students should choose at least 3 more encore/related art choices.

What will my student's schedule look like? For one period, students will take Physical Education on One Day (A Day for example) and then they will take their Music selection on the opposite day (B Day for example).

For their second period, students will take a rotation of Related Arts classes that will operate on a Quarter system:

For example, a student's schedule could look like this:

Period 1: PE (A Day) / Music (B Day)

Therefore parents/students will need to select 4 OPTIONS for related arts.

Period 2: Computer Science Discoveries (Quarter 1), Art (Quarter 2), Tech Ed (Quarter 3), Journalism (Quarter 4).

**For Signet students, one of those quarters will be Independent Study.

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This is an exploratory computer science course that provides an in-depth introduction to computer science in six strands including Algorithms and Programming, Computing Systems, Cybersecurity, Data and Analysis, Impacts of Computing, and Networks and the Internet. Students hone skills in problem-solving, programming, physical computing, user-centered design, and data, as they build their own websites, apps, animations, games, and physical computing systems.

STEM SOLUTIONS (6th grade-Formerly Computer Solutions)

Students are introduced to the world of business using the computer as a problem-solving tool. Emphasis is placed on using basic touch keyboarding skills to complete a variety of projects incorporating word processing, database, presentation, and spreadsheet software. Basic Internet safety and computer maintenance issues are important components of this course.


Intro to Foreign Language students become familiar with the basics of Latin, Spanish, French and Japanese languages, histories, and cultures through listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students will also learn through listening, speaking, reading and writing activities. Students will also learn through art, games, multimedia resources, singing, videos and the internet to become better informed when deciding which Foreign Language they will study in High School.


This course provides a foundation for managing individual, family, career, and community roles and responsibilities. Students focus on areas of individual growth such as personal goal achievement, responsibilities within the family, and accountability for personal safety and health. They also explore and practice financial management, clothing maintenance, food preparation, positive and caring relationships with others, and self-assessment as related to career exploration. Students apply problem-solving and leadership skills as they progress through the course.


Students study the resources of all technology, including tools, energy, materials, people, time, information, and capital. This also includes the problem-solving process, the design process, and various hands-on activities. They explore many systems of technology, including energy and power, information and communication, transportation, manufacturing, and construction. Students are also given the opportunity to experience 3D Modeling using Autodesk Inventor 19 Software. The students relate the impact of technology on society, environment, and culture to future consequences and decisions.


The Prince William County visual art instructors educate students to develop an awareness and appreciation of art. Through their study of visual art, students will develop fluency in visual, oral, and written communication using the language of art.

**We have 3 ART TEACHERS at Rippon. They cover the same grade level objectives but do different projects. Each teacher will have an emphasis on either: Painting, Sculpting or Digital Art.


In journalism we study photojournalism, write captions and headlines, and occasionally write articles. We study news in the U.S. and world. We produce the WRDR news broadcast and other videos for the Rippon Community. Our work is documented through our publications.

Special Message to our 5th Graders

Hello Little Raiders! I am so excited to welcome you to Rippon Middle School for the 2020-2021 school year! My name is Mrs. Donahue-Barnisky, and I will be your Assistant Principal for 6th grade. Along with Principal Bergquist, I will work hard this year to make sure that you have many opportunities to succeed during your first year of middle school. We have a large team of wonderful educators who believe that all students have the potential to follow their dreams and “dream big.” I look forward to meeting you all and working in partnership with your teachers and parents to ensure that you have a positive experience this year. Please take this opportunity to select your Encore classes and explore options that may interest you in middle school. I can be reached Monday through Friday, 8-4 PM at Get ready to #DreamBigWorkHardBeProud! Follow our twitter page @ripponmiddle 💚


Mrs. Donahue Barnisky

**Updated: Math and Science Specialty Program Students: What to fill out on the Course Form

Please choose the following sections on the form:

  • Math 6 Extended (all Math and Science students begin with this course)
  • Science 6 Enrichment (states it is a section for Math and Science Students)
  • Ext. LA is optional for the Math and Science Students

Band Recruitment Form: See Below


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