Smore #5

Tim Tebow: T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad

T-Mobile in their Super Bowl commercial "#NoContract" tries to segue people to switch over to T-Mobile by following the boundless life of Tim Tebow when he doesn't have a NFL contract to abide by anymore.

When Tim Tebow doesn't have a contract to worry about, he is able to do many new activities such as delivering babies at a hospital, take a selfie with Sasquatch, and give an itinerary for world peace.

T-Mobile uses a testimonial from Tim Tebow to show how "no contract" can free up one's options, wallet, and life in order to get more people to switch providers over to T-Mobile.

T-Mobile's energetic Ad is directed to people who are tired of not having the option to do what they want with their phone service, and can get that control with T-Mobile.