The Eleventh Plague

Jeff Hirsch


The American's and the Chinese left the world in ruins. 20 years after the Collapse there is a miniscule amount of life left. Stephen Quinn, his father, and his grandfather are among the souls doomed to survive the wasteland. They travel around America as salvagers. Stephen's grandfather suddenly dies and him and his father are on their own. One day walking a trail Stephen spots a crashed plane. They go and scout the wreckage for things to trade. Then they notice a group of slavers approach them. They are able to hide and eventually help their slaves escape. The slavers attack them. While being chased by them Stephen's father suffers a devastating fall, leaving him in a coma. Stephen is left with his father not knowing what to do. A group of survivors find them and offer them shelter at their settlement "Settlers Landing". Stephen is then troubled with having to fit in with the civilization of "Settlers Landing".

Written by Jeff Hirsch

Other than the Eleventh Plague, Hirsch has written The Darkest Path, and Magisterium.

A Story Of Survival.

Stephen Quinn

  • 15
  • Dark Hair
  • Worn
  • Tough
He is adaptable, cautious, and indecisive at times.

Stephen's Father

  • Dark hair
  • Beaten up
  • Scraggly
  • Tall
Stephen's father is courageous, strong, and optimistic.

Where It Takes Place

This tale takes place in post war America. The Collapse as it is referred to is the war between the Chinese and the Americans. The Chinese used a deadly biological weapon called p11. The specific time is 20 years after the Collapse.


The main conflicts are man versus man and man versus self. In the story the main characters battle slavers and have issues among each other. Stephen is threatened and constantly under the scope of some the people at Settlers Landing. Stephen is also dealing with the death of his grandfather and his morality.

Page 209 "It just keeps going. It doesn't matter where we go or what we do. We're all dead. All of us. We just don't know it yet."

A Quote To Companion the Book.

"There are plenty of obstacles in your path. Don't allow yourself to become one of them." - Ralph Marston
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