Self-Control and Empathy

By: Jacob, Chelsea, Max, and Taylor

What is self Control?

The ability to control you impulses or urges to do something.

Why is it hard, as a teenager, to have self-control?

If you were to buy something at a store, and the clerk were to give you a 20 dollar bill, instead of a 10, what would you do?

How does this demonstrate self control?

At your table, think of some ways you have to demonstrate self control.

What is Empathy?

What does Empathy mean?

Empathy is the ability to feel what others feel. This is the key to being human, and what helps people be a part of the community.

How would one develop empathy?

Can you see empathy?

How can you show empathy?

How do you feel when shown empathy?

Why is empathy a good leadership quality?

Would anyone like to share a story where they were shown empathy?


What did Donald do to calm himself down and not get angry?


Pair up with a partner who has the same color shirt on as you

Make up a situation where you have to exercise self control

When it is your turn, show a good example and a bad example of self control


"By constant self-discipline and self-control you can develop greatness of character"

Grenville Kleiser