Of Mice and Men


Lennie is a large, kind ward working man. He has a mental disability that makes him act childish and foolish, because of his disability he relays on Gorge, his care taker for everything. Lennie refers to Gorge as his best friend and relies on him for protection. Lennie believes that one day Gorge and him will live on there own farm and everything will be nice. Gorge told Lennie when they got their own farm that lennie could tend rabbits. Lennie is genital and likes to touche soft things like small animals but he doesn't know his own strength. Lennie and Gorge move to a ranch to get jobs so they can afford to get their own farm.Lennie don't want to be there though Gorge knows, he thinks it's not a good place. they probably wont get their own farm but he tells Lennie that so he doesn't get upset.


There was recently puppies born in the barn at the ranch and Lennie was trilled. Lennie was always in the barn with the puppies, but one day Lennie was petting the puppy to hard and accidentally snapped the puppies neck. Lennie felt horrible for what he did. He was also scared that Gorge wont let him tend the rabbits anymore when they get their own farm. A little after Lennie killed the puppy Curly's wife came into the barn and saw what he did. Curly's wife was shocked and was yelling for Gorge and the other guys on the ranch. Lennie didn't want Gorge to know what he did so Lennie covered Curly's wife's mouth with his hand. Curly's wife was using all her strength trying to escape but suddenly, Lennie herd a snap. Curly's wife was dead. Lennie was so scared that he was going to be in troble with Gorge and felt horrible for what he done. Lennie laid Curly's wife done on the barn floor. Then he ran out of the barn and left the ranch.


After Lennie runs from Gorge and the guys back at the ranch are in shock that Lennie killed Curly's wife. The guys want Gorge to kill Lennie now for what he did. Gorge knows what Lennie did was an accident but he also knows that he causes a lot of problems with the men on the ranch and him. Gorge went to find Lennie in the woods and finally found him. When Gorge found him he told Lennioe a story of how they were going to move to their own farm, but he killed. Gorge got out a gun and killed Lennie.

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"I don' like this place, George. This ain't no good place. I wanna get outa here."-Lennie

Lennie doesn't want to be at the ranch.

Lennie went back and looked at the dead girl. The puppy lay close to her. Lennie picked it up. "I'll throw him away," he said. "It's bad enough like it is."-Lennie

After Lennie killed the puppy and Curlys wife.