How to have the best camping trip

emily blas

What you need to do

Have you ever been to the forest to camp in the night with youre family or freinds? To make sure you have a enjoyable caping experience you need to know what to take?How to be preparared? And what to do to have fun.

Wath you need to take?

If its youre first time camping and you dont know wath to take or wath to do.First you need to make sure that you thake the rihtg stuff,like youre close if you stai like 1 day thake like 2 or 3 pares of cloths because mabe you can get dirti.But remaber thake extrea cloths for encase what can hapen to youre other cloths.Then after chosing youre cloths thake the important thing the tent to slep on.Take 3 or more flash lights whit batery because in the night can get scary.Then take some food to not get hungry in youre camping trip.Then remaber to thake youre safty books because in case if you hit youre self or some one gets a axident.Remaber youre going to the forest so dont take sometihg of thenology because you dont have electricitric thins youre3 going to the forest not a hotel.

Make sure to be parpard?

When you live the youre place of confoft and coziness thats youre house, make sure that you have evrithing you need and be papard .When you live the house make sure you mlook the house god and safty.

what to do to have fun?

To have fun you can take candys,games bords,fishing nets,a bot,marsh mallos and chocolate and and a camara to showet to evry one.Remaber and take flish lights to pley or to decoverd things or new animal tha you even know, o and you can sing whit youre family to gate.

Well this are some ideas to do in youre cmping trip.Camping can be the best idea for be whit youre family and you can discover alot of difrent thing that you didint know adout.I wonder if youre camping trip will be cool like my camping trip.And remaber be saft and dont forget youre imortant things you need.