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Food in Mali

food in Mali is tasty. In Mali they eat fish /meat and vegetables.For breakfast they eat cereal dish which is like runny rice pudding. And they drink juice made by hihisus flowers.And that is what thay eat in Mali.

Art and Music in Mali

The Art in Mali is beautiful. In Mali they have a lot of weaving art. In Mali they also have some sculptors. The music in Mali is peaceful. In Mali they have a musical instrument called a calabash.And what kind of art and music thay have.

School in Mali

Girls are more likeley to miss out on a education.Staying at home to help with the daily workload.In Mali schooling is free and compulsory for children between the ages of seven and 16 year. That's how school works in Mali.

Land and Environment in Mali

The land in Mali is different. There is a desert zone in the north where daytime temperatures can be 122 degrees F, but can drop down to 41 degrees at night. The more southerly regions of Mali have a rainy season from June to October. There is also a Sudanic zone in the southern part of the country where there is up to 1,400 mm of rainfall every year and the daytime temperature is 75 degrees. Temperature in Mali is very different than ours.