Geological/Petrolium Technicians

Gather Data and Collect Samples

Petrolium Technician

This is an earth science because it involves working with the environment. In this career you work outside collecting materials such as rocks, soils, and many other natural materials. The data that is provided helps scientists and other occupations find and retrieve natural resources for the world.

Educational Path/ Acedemics

You need a Associates degree for this career. You need to take chemistry, biology, mathematics, and you would need similar classes in college. This is a two year college, and you can go to either a technical college, or a university. It also says that almost all students are accepted!!!!

About the job

For this job you'll be working outside in different locations collecting samples of minerals, oils, and natural gasses. You will be paid about 54,000 a year, and will be paid 25.97 a hour. Your employer is MICROMERITICS INSTRUMENT CORPORATION, and your training will be moderate.

Would I see myself doing this job someday?

No because it doesn't have a high enough salary, and its not a common job in Wisconsin. I also wouldn't do this job because its not very interesting to me.