Westward Expansion

By Meriwether Lewis

Going West!

In may 1804 Clark and i lead an expedition west to map the new terrain. We lead a group known as Corps of discovery Expedition group. We were sent by he himself Andrew Jackson we explored all of the west and found new land and territories. Manifest destiny is very accurate in my opinion because we were destined to move west and settle in the west coast and all in between. When Clark and I went out to explore and map the new land we faced many obstacles along the way such as the terrain was very hard to trek through and the weather could get vigorous. Wild life was no easy thing to get past either an other explorer was attacked by a bear!
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Still Going West!

Clark and I never really settled in one place for long we were usually on the go either off exploring or hunting we never stopped and stayed in one place we temporarily stayed in Fort Clatsop. When we were in Fort Clatsop it was sealed off there were trees surrounding the entire fort. At first when we got there i had wrote in my journal we are ¨living history.¨ I did not know it then but i turned out to be correct. When we first set out to explore and map what is now known as the U.S. we just thought of it as just exploring but we learned a lot and made it from the east to the west. The mission had been achieved!