Monday Memo


Almost 1/2 Through September

Digital Promise will be here on Monday and Tuesday. There is an Infinite Campus Core Team meeting planned this Thursday at 1:30. Additionally, we have a follow up planning meeting for iArthur: a ConnectED Community scheduled for this Friday. Busy week for all of us. No IT Leadership meeting scheduled for this week.

Shout Outs

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Cyndy McKinney

As much as I try to look at the whole picture, I often miss some things. I know, hard to believe! Cyndy is one of the best Devil's Advocates that I've ever seen. I appreciate her experience and insights, as she has "been there, done that"!

Client and Network Services

Excellent work with migrating John Marshall from ISE to ClearPass, with minimal casualties. They also identified 3 palm switches, non-sanctioned, that will no longer work on the network.

Jennifer Bohn

Jennifer has taken over cell phone bills that Sue once did. Jennifer, being a data freak, has identified several thousand dollars in savings after reconciling just 2 months worth of bills. Thanks bunches, Jennifer.

Online Learning

The District has released an RFP for online and blended learning. No matter the traditional thoughts of a brick and mortar school, District Leadership wishes to expand our iOKCPS offerings in order to better serve our students with alternative means to learning. We are lucky to have Tami Shaw, Ed Tech Coach, among us to offer us guidance and expertise in online learning, for she has experience as a curriculum designer and educator for an online learning company. We're also pleased to have Mandy Green, Ed Tech Coach, who served as Distance Learning Site Coordinator for a Texas high school with 4,000 students and who also served as a TXVSN Online Course Liaison

Take a few moments to watch the TED Talk re: online learning

Chili Cook-Off

Friday, Oct. 30th, 11:30am

1134 Northwest 8th Street

Oklahoma City, OK

We'll be having our Chili Cook-Off on Friday, Oct 30th. Bring your hottest, mildest, and craziest chili. Submit your items on the Google Form below.

Increase in WAN Bandwidth at Arthur

With over ~700 new devices anticipated at Arthur, we've been given permission to proceed in increasing bandwidth from 250mb to 1G. I will work on getting PR/PO in place. It amazes me that associated fees are more than 100 percent than the price of increased bandwidth. Network: if you'll start the process, I'll work on getting PR/PO in place.

IT Services - Bio

Julie Gathright

Julie has started her 18th year working for Oklahoma City Public Schools. She began teaching Kindergarten at Wheeler Elementary School, where she taught for 5 years. She then took a job at Kaiser Elementary teaching Kindergarten. After 5 years at Kaiser, Julie applied for and accepted a position in the Educational Technology Services (ETS) Department. Julie has been working with several of the same schools during her 8 years in ETS, which has been very valuable. Trust and relationships are key to working with technology integration. Julie’s passion is working with early childhood classrooms; opening eyes to the capabilities of students in Pre-K to 3rd Grade with technology.

Keep Kids First

In keeping with the theme to keep on target and remembering why we exist, keeping kids first will help with that mindset. If you look at the whiteboard in my office, I have two things that are a constant reminder for me:

  • Is it good for kids?
  • How will it improve learning?

'it' is the variable that we solve for. If the product or solution we're exploring can't be answered looking through this lens....they why do we do it.

Granted, IT Services must also focus on business continuity and staff development. However, we wouldn't have a business or the need to develop staff if we don't have students.