April Team Newsletter

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Director's Corner

Hi Ladies,

Spring is here and now is a great time to party and get your customers ready for summer!! Do a few "pink bag calls" and check in on your customers. Ask them how they like their new 31 product! Tell them about the upcoming customer and hostess specials. Don't be afraid to reach out and call/text, you never know who has another order waiting for you. I can't tell you how many times I have heard my customers say "I am so glad you called..."

Check out the IMPROVE MY SKILLS section on thirty one today! There is a wealth of information to get your business going and help you be successful!

I am always available to help, so if you have any questions or need someone to brainstorm ideas with, please call or text me 570-470-1009. Sometimes just a new idea gets us back into the swing of things!

Check out Thirty One Today to get all your party resources!! ...THE MORE YOU KNOW, THE MORE YOU GROW!!!



Your Director's Stats:


Personal Volume: $1591.00

Parties: 3


Welcome to the Team...

Shannon Chakiris (12/16/14)... Dream Builder-Kim Hanson

Sarah Lardner (3/6/15)... Dream Builder- Stacy Mitchell

Nancy Staton (3/13/15)... Dream Builder- Kim Hanson

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Team Sales for MARCH: $6397.00

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Top in Sales for MARCH: Stacy Mitchell



WAY to GO!!!!

$1,000+ Club:


Stacy Mitchell

Lisa Weber

Lindsey Scurlock

$500- $999 CLUB:

$200- $499 CLUB:


Jessica Miranda

Sarah Lardner

Nancy Staton

Rachel Nevins

Congratulations Startswell Earners!!

Big Shout out to NANCY STANTON for earning Level 1!!!

Fun Fact: Start Swell earners are 43% more likely to stay active, have 3x the PV of other consultants, and are 21% more likely to promote to director!


From NOW until MAY 31, an exclusive embroidery option celebrating nurses and teachers is available is available on select styles for only $10! You can even personalize by adding a name!

Early Registration ends April 15th!

You know what they say about the early bird! Conference registration is no different! You will enjoy an amazing Conference experience for only $99! This is a simple approach to make it easier and affordable to come to Conference!

It’s the second-best $99 investment you can make! At Conference you’ll build relationships with your Thirty-One sisters and Home Office staff, hear from Scott and Cindy, get inspired in our learning classes and through presentations by world-class speakers, celebrate accomplishments, receive amazing amenities and so much more!


Keep the party going in April and beyond! Remind your Customers that our special on Oh-Snap styles – the Oh-Snap Bin and Oh-Snap Pocket – continues through April 30. Mix and match up to three bins and pockets for $5 each with every $35 spent.

With Mother’s Day and spring celebrations right around the corner, don’t forget about our beautiful JK by Thirty-One Monogram Initial Necklace! Valued at $48, Customers can get it for just $20 when they spend $35.

It’s never too late to start spring-cleaning! Help your Hostesses organize in style with our Your Way collection. When she hosts a $200+ party, she can mix and match up to 3 styles and get each for $10. She can choose from the Your Way Rectangle with Your Way Rectangle Lid, Your Way Junior Cube with Your Way Junior Cube Lid or the Your Way Cube with Your Way Cube Lid. When she hosts a $600+ party she can get it for FREE!

Surprise Hostess Exclusive

Sharing our Surprise Hostess Exclusive option is easier than ever for you and your Hostesses!

Your Hostesses can purchase a Mystery Bag for just $20! The Mystery Bag will include 2-3 products with a total value of at least $75.

Order the Mystery Bag for your Hostesses using item number 2692.



Need a picture to complete your social media post? Go onto TOT, under Access Thirty One resources >Marketing Tools>Social Media Library

Home Office has created great videos and pictures to use in your facebook groups! Post them and get your customers excited about the products!

Click around on TOT and you can learn a wealth of knowledge to increase your busi

Growing your team...

Don't be afraid to share the opportunity with fellow ladies. Just think what 31 could do for them! I am here to answer any questions you may have!
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Thinking about taking the next step with your business? SENIOR CONSULTANT here you come...

Senior Consultant:

• 2-4 Personally Enrolled, Qualified and Active Consultants (PEQA)

• Submit $200 PV every rolling 3 months

• earn 25% Commission on your PV

• 2% Override on PEQA

Help book, sell, & sponsor your recruits!


• 4+ PEQA Consultants (Roll-ups do not count)

• Submit $1,000 PV every month

• A min. of $4,000 Team Sales (PV + Gen. 0 volume)

• Promotion occurs the month following DIQ

month* if requirements are met

• 25% Commission on PV

• 3% Personal Sales Bonus

• 3% Generation 0 Override

• 2% Generation 1 Override

• $1,000 one-time Director Promotion


• $1,000 Developing Director Bonus

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