I have a TOP SECRET mission

{ and I genuinely need YOUR HELP to make it HAPPEN }

I'm setting aside my pride because I can't do this by myself...

I am nauseatingly in love with my husband, Richard. Not only has he been my rock during an extraordinary and difficult series of health challenges, but he's also lived his wedding vows every single day that we've been together.

Our 25th Wedding Anniversary is on October 22nd and, although we had always hoped to celebrate it by going on a trip, my ongoing health challenges resulted in significant financial consequences so we both accepted that this couldn't happen BUT this all changed a couple of days ago when I discovered that I could EARN an all-expense-paid incentive trip for Richard and I to go to a luxury resort (the trip is taking place from October 18th to 21st) AND address a significant financial challenge at the same time!!!

I know I can't make this happen if I don't ask for help - which I'm terrible at - so I'm sucking it up because I truly want to be able to do this for him - all the details are below...


Robyn XO

my two objectives **

** my deadline is June 30th

  1. sell $30,000 in Stella & Dot Goodies * most important
  2. find at least 6 new Stella & Dot Stylists who will each sell $500 (10 is better)

how you can help me

  • book a June Stella & Dot Trunk Show with me ASAP
  • connect me with someone who'd like to have a Stella & Dot Trunk Show in June
  • place an online order using this exclusive shopping link (shipping is only $7.95 per order to anywhere in Canada - contact me about Quebec)
  • share this shopping link and info with anyone you feel would love the goodies
  • connect me with someone who'd like their own flexible fashion business (they can be in Canada, the United States or the UK)

Thank you for your help and support!!!