Stress management skills

why is it important to manage your stress?

Why stress management is important

Stress can motivate you to do your best.but to much stress can interfere with your ability to do good work. Stress can even make you sick. So stress management is an important skill to develop.

Strategies for handling stress

  • Schedule your important activities
  • Use a planner
  • Keep a budget
  • Talk with parents or other responsible adults for support
  • Have supportive friends
  • listen to music that makes you feel good
  • You can work out
  • Yoga or meditation
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Get a lot of sleep
  • Make responsible decisions
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Why is stress management important for your career.

  • stay calm
  • be organized
  • trust worthy
  • happier
  • balance life

What makes you stressed?

List on paper what makes you stressed and the we will share it in the class.

Then share some strategies you use to help deal with stress.

Stress Management Strategies: Ways to Unwind