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Sparta prevales over the Messenians after a 20 year struggle.

The war was started in 743 BC after a crazy Messenian named Polychares started to slaughter every Lacedeamonian who passed the borders of our city. After that the son of our great leader surprised the enemy at night and took the city of Ampheia. Five years into the war there was a huge battle that took place where no victor was clearly decided upon. Then the Messenians retired and during that time an epidemic fell over Messene killing many of their citizens.

The enemies sent a citizen to Delphi to pray for the outcome of the war the oracle told them to make a sacrifice. After the sacrifice they gained courage and attacked us. During the thirteenth year our glorious king lead an attack on Ithome after this battle there was no clear victor but their king was killed in action. After their new leader had an unsettling dream he decided to leave Ithome. This gave us the advantage we needed to win. Most of the citizens but fled anyone who remained was made into slaves named Helots.

Spartans survive slave uprising.

In 685 BC the slaves or Helots decided to stage an uprising marking the beginning of the second Messenain war. They were lead by Aristomenes. One night Aristomenes decided to sneak into Sparta and offered a shield in the temple of Athena. Following this the Spartans went to the oracle of Delphi. The oracle told them to take an Athenian adviser so they asked Athens to send them a general and Athens sent them a poet who was lame in one leg.

The poet gave the Spartan soldiers encouragement. The poet's encouragement helped win the war. According to legend the leader of the Messenains was an amazing hero it was said he survived getting pushed into the deep pit and followed a fox's hole to get out. As the Spartans were winning the end of the battle the leader tried to form a sneak attack on Sparta. The sneak attack failed and he was killed.

Sparta Vs Athens

Sparta and Athens it has been argued for ever who was the better city-state. People would say that Sparta was the best military. Others would try to argue that they had no fun or literature. Though that might be true Sparta was very evolved when it came to rights and military standards. Athens did not give women many rights but in Sparta they were given all the rights a man had other than being able to vote.

Sparta was clearly a strong City-state because at birth if you weren't strong they abandoned you. The Spartan army was the best trained army in history because they trained the soldiers since they were seven years old. The Spartan soldiers were self sufficient by the time they were on the battlefield because they had to get their own food to survive. The Athenians might have had better literature and plays but when it came down to power the Spartans Prevailed. That is why I believe Sparta is the better City-state.