Pioneer Day at Silver Dollar City

By William


Wednesday, Oct. 22nd 2014 at 10:30am-1:30pm

399 Silver Dollar City Railroad

Branson, MO

On our trip to Silver Dollar City for Pioneer Day, we visited the one-room schoolhouse. Then we went to the blacksmith shop. We got to see the stagecoach at Outlaw Run. After that we got to see the Weaving Studio. Finally, we got to visit the Casey/McHaffie homestead. Please read about our fun trip.

Oak Trail School

We visited the one room schoolhouse and found that the children learned from the McGuffy reader. Did you know that in the winter the children would often take potatoes to school in their pockets to warm their hands while walking to school and they could eat them at lunch?

At the Blackmith

At the blacksmith shop we waited outside while we watched him heat metal, then pound it down into the shape of a leg for a grill.

The Casey/McHaffie Homestead

The homestead that we visited was once owned by the Casey and McHaffey family. They had a very small house so the children would sleep in a hayloft. The hayloft would be above a living room. At night, the children would climb up and sleep on a mattress stuffed with straw or grass. There was no heating or air conditioning so they would all sleep close together on cold nights.
Out of all the places we went to, the homestead was my favorite. We had a fun time!
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