Guatemala was once controlled by another country and it was Spain. Guatemala gained it's independence on September 15 1821 and broke from the spanish's control over their country.


Guatemala is between Mexico and Honduras. Some physical features of Guatemala are Lago de Izabal and Lago de Atitlán which are both rivers. Also one volcano located in Guatemala is Actaenago.

Famous cities

Political and Diplomacy

Guatemala has a constitutional republic goverenment and their president is Otto Pérez Molina. The country is also on good terms with other countries like US, China, and some Latin American countries because of forgien realtion policies like constitutional disposition and conceptual and ideological elements.

Economic and trade information

The currency in Guatemala is Quetzal and it's ecomic system is capitalism.

Imports and Exports

  • Guatemala imports Refined Petrolum, Cars, Packaged Medicants, Delivary trucks, and Broadcasting equipment
  • Guatemala revives imports from USA, Mexico, China, El Salvador, and Colombia
  • Guatemala exports Coffe, Raw sugar, Banana, Gold, Precious Metal ore
  • Guatemala exports to countries like the US, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, and Costa Rica

Tourist information

Guatemala has buetiful beaches and also very magnificent volcanoes. Guatemala also contains big and grand rain forests. In Guatemala tourists can visit Monterrico and lake Izabal which are two of the most famous beaches in Guatemala. Also tourists can see Acatenango and Volcán de Fuego which are some volcanes in Guatemala. Lastly, toursits can see the gorgeous rain forestes and wild life in Guatemala.