Now vs Then

Cell phones from 2001 to today.

The Evolution of Cell Phone

Phones in 2001

The new Nokia mobile phone came out in 2001 and was a big hit. It was the first monochromatic phone, getting rid of the boring black and white mobile phone screens

Phone hit of 2002

2002 brought another jump in cell phone technology. Nokia had inserted a camera into its phones and has full color screens.

2003 phones get more screens

As phones continue to evolve they started having more screens. Some new cell phones started to have screens on the outside to show new messages, or the time and still have the larger screen inside for normal phone functions.

2004 Cell Phones get smaller

These new cell phones have become much smaller and have new functions on the phone

2006 brings new designs to cell phones

The new cell phones have many new designs, and more styled to fit more personal needs. People can also personalize them to fit their lives.

2007 comes in with more new technological jumps

The first apple iPhone is made with the new touch-screen technology. They also have the ability to have apps on the cell phone, making these the most preferable phones of the time.

2008 and 2009 phones with keyboards

New cell phones coming out have a built in GPS feature, and come in with a full qwerty keyboard.

2011 more designed cell phones

These newest cameras have good cameras built in. They also are small and well useable in this world with great new designs.