The Gladiator Games

Fight to the Death or Live and Prosper!!!

Every Friday at the Colosseum!!!

Fight to win mad prizes!

The Gladiator Fight History!!!

Gladiators are slaves that fought in the Colosseum for their lives.Rich people sat and watched as their slaves were getting their fate chosen by their opponent.the winner had their life sparred for a while longer.

More INFO About Gladiator History!!!

As the professional fighter picks up his weapon he shall slash,crash,and fight to stay alive.Turned from war to entertainment these men fight for whats right!In ancient Rome death was a pleasing sense to the Romans of Rome!

Extras:Roman Gladiator History

Gladiators where slaves,prisoners,criminals of war.They believed that gods liked the Gladiatorial Games!But were full of death.

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2nd Annual Gladiator Games

Monday, May 10th 100 at 4:30pm

1 Piazza del Colosseo

Roma, Lazio

Gladiator Games The Roman Bloodsport