The GollyWhopper Games

Written by: Jody Feldman


The GollyWhopper Games takes place in the University Stadium of Orchard Heights.


This book was written and illustrated in 2008 [I cannot find any dates in this book other than this one].

Main Characters

Gil Goodson, BetsiJo Hammermeister nicknamed Bianca Lablanc, Rocky Titus, Thorn Dewitt-Formey, and Lavinia Plodder.


Gil's dad was accused of stealing from Golly Toy & Game Company when really it was someone else within the company.

Why you should read the book?

I think you should read the book because this book has puzzles that are challenging, exciting, and different from any other puzzles I have ever experienced in a book.

What the GollyWhopper Games books look like

"Guaranteed to give your brain a workout." Logan Taylor

Where Can It Be Purchased?


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