Artificial Limbs

Made for space programs,but they are used in everyday life?

Why did NASA make Artificial Limb?

They made Artificial Limbs for people that have lost there legs or arms. Technology has brought custom-moldable materials natural look and feel if flesh as well as preventing friction.Advancements such as Environmental Robots Inc's development of artificial muscle systems. In a surprising and potential troubling request the new station robot know as Dextre demanded for astronaut. They also probably used a artificial limbs as a robot arm on a rover to pick up moon rocks.
NASA-Space Station Robotic Arm

How does it help us today?

It helps people to do things they thought they could never do again. Because they either lost a arm or a leg. With artificial limbs they can be like they were before they lost there leg or arm. Also if they played sports before they lost whatever they lost with artificial limbs they could do it again.
'Terminator' arm is world's most advanced prosthetic limb