By Josh Cormier

Bacillus Anthracis

B. Anthracis is the bacteria that causes Anthrax. It can be found on every continent with varying numbers. It reproduces with endospores which can survive in extremely harsh environments for decades.

How Anthrax effects us

Anthrax is contracted mostly in free-ranging herbivores, like cows. However this does not mean people can contract this bacterial infection. If someone were to eat an infected cow they could easily ingest the spores of the B. Anthracis. Anthrax does just spread by ingestion, it can also be inhaled and come in contact with an open wound.

Three types of Anthrax

Frequently asked questions

Q: How does Anthrax spread?

A: It creates spores which can be inhaled

ingested and come in contact with an open


Q: Where is anthrax located?

A: Anthrax is mostly located in the agricultural

sections of South America, Sub Saharan Africa,

Southwest Asia, Caribbean, and Europe.

Q: Can Anthrax be treated?

A: Anthrax can be treated with Antibiotics.

Q: Can Anthrax be prevented.?

A: Anthrax has a vaccine which is offered for people

who have agricultural jobs.

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