Angelina Jolie

Actress, humanitarian

Important Event in their childhood, and how do people describer her?

Her parents were both actors, when she was born she grew up acting because her parents were in that type of atmosphere. She attended Beveryhills Highschool and lived on her mothers modest income. Many people describer her as an amazing actor, who really gets into her rolls that she is givin.

Does she have any relitives that are famouse to?

Angelina jolie was born into a acting family, almost everyone in her family are actors or actress's. Her father John Voight was an American actor, he has won over four golden glove awards from his acting career. Her mother Marcheline Bertrand was in one movie in her acting career called The Man Who Loved the Woman.

Leadership roles she has learn in her time?

Angeline jolie, has needed to adopt many diffrent leadership roles she has needed to learn to be time managed and very self organized with herself during her acting roles. Angelina jolie has also learned to stay on task and develope how to learn and remember things when she recites things from her acting.

how did she impact others?

Many young actors look up to angelina, they learn from her because she is hardworking and very dedicated to her acting career. Actors need to learn numorus lines and recite them from their mind, meaning they need to be time managed and have a scedule. She is a role modle to them because they can learn and aspire to that career.

What do i share with this leader?

Angeline jolie is a very skilled actor, in my drama class im learning things on how to rember things better this has helped me study better for tests and learn my lines for plays. ive had to learn all of my lines and recite with out script and this seems to be very helpful.

Most helpful character trait?

The most helpuful character trait Angelina Jolie has is probably being oraganized. She has to have a whole scedule surrounded by any plays or movies she is doing, and it effects her life drastically. She has to keep everything in place and know where alot of stuff is while she is on set and at home practicing.

Why i want to be like her?

Angelina jolie, is a very skilled actor and it would be cool to be in that profession. She is inspiring to many people not just me and she is a leader for everyone. Angelina helps people to aspire to be organized and well time managed.

Do leaders have to have all the traits?

I belive, that leaders do not need to have all the traits not everyone can posses every trait. All leaders are diffrent and have their own spin on how they do things everyday, they all tackle problems in a diffrent manner then many people usally do.
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Qualities i need to become and effective leader?

I need to learn to be more organized, time managed, and have things in order. These traits would help me during group projects and during task that i will do by my self. With these traits i could become an awsome leader.