Paul Revere's Ride

The story of Paul Revere's Mid Night Ride

By: Henry Wadworth Longfellow

In the poem

The poem "Paul Revere's Midnight Ride"is an epic poem. It talks about a american hero.

It has a speaker in the poem telling it. It also has end rhyme.

Like "Listen,my children, and shall hear

Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere"

The rhyme scheme is AABBC.

The tone of the poem is exciting.

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Midnight Mass for the Dying Year

These poem is almost the same of Paul Revere's midnight ride. It has end rhyme. Its rhyme scheme is ABABC. It has onomatopoeia in it.

Like "The leaves are falling, falling,

Solemnly and slow;
Caw! caw! the rooks are calling,
It is a sound of woe,
A sound of woe!"

The tone of this poem is fearful

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Longfellow Henry. Paul Revere's Ride.National portrait Gallery.Copy right. 1871 print