5 Themes of Austin

By Savannah Wiegand


This map shows the relative location of Austin. It is in Texas and is about four hours south of Dallas and two to three and a half hours northwest of Houston. The closest major city would be San Antonio. Austin is pretty much in central Texas. 30.2500° N, 97.7500° W is the exact location of Austin, Texas.


Austin is a very unique city. It is home to one of the best universities in the country and is the live music capital of the world. There are tons of things to do here and it has some amazing landscape. There is mostly hill country and lakes but there are some more amazing physical features all over the city. There are people from all over the world that come to live here, so it makes it a pretty interesting place to live. It's not like some cities where it's the same thing everywhere and all the time.


Austin is in Travis County. Travis County includes Lakeway, Bastrop, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Georgetown, and Jollyville. It is mostly Hill Country in Austin. There are a few major lakes and bodies of water, but with the drought they're becoming almost like ponds. The culture here is very diverse, you can find a little bit of everything walking the streets of Austin.


The population of Austin has increased buy about 775,000 people since 1990. Obviously there's something bringing people here. The University of Texas brings tons of people to Austin. It's really cool because people from all around the world come to UT and end up staying in Austin. Also the music industry brings a lot of people. The plants and animals end up moving to where they're able to survive. If their old home is being destroyed, which seems to happen a little too much, they find a new place to live where they're able to get the essentials of life. The picture shows that many animals natural habitats are really being destroyed and ruined.

HUman- Environment Interaction

The people in Austin make the best of what we have naturally. For example: Barton Springs Pool. Our summer days are typically very very hot. We made a great place to hang out and cool off during summer out of one of the natural springs here. Also places like parks are a great example of humans using what the environment has to offer. We use parks for so many things and we didn't have to do much at all! It was already there! We learn to modify what natural things we came to find and make them so they help us. There are also ways to adapt to the way things are and make it so it's to our advantage.