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Name and Alias

Scientific Name - Dreissana polymorpha

Common Name- Zebra Mussels

Physical Description

strips, black, and light brown

Birth Place russia

Method of Transportation- They got attached to the bottom of boats.

Last seen- U.S.A., Canada, and The Gulf of Mexico


Eats lots of plankton which causes other fish to die because of no food.

colonizes inside pipes which causes the Great Lakes 250 million to control the zebra mussels.

  • Zebra mussels have disrupted the traditional aquatic food chains of many inland lakes. Regardless of their size, inland lakes represent unique ecological systems. When zebra mussels enter into these fragile systems, their voracious filter feeding depletes the availability of microscopic organisms that play a critical part in each lake's ecological food web.


liquid fertilizer to kill them and lakes have been drained to frost the mud at the bottom to kill them Rather than using chlorine, some scientists have been investigating the use of other chemical molluscicides. In particular, small scale studies have shown that trace amounts of potassium do not harm other nearby organisms but send zebra mussels into fatal shock.However, the potassium can only be used in miniscule amounts in order to remain safe for the surrounding species