Aerospace Engineering

Hector Gonzalez


Aerospace engineering involves designing aircrafts, spacecrafts, satellites, and missiles. in addition they also test prototypes to make sure the design works correctly, they then recreate the model into the what will be the final product. These designs take long time periods to complete since the designs must be done correctly to prevent any dangers or complications while using. It is a very difficult job to do since a lot of hard work is needed to fulfill the Aerospace engineers require a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering or any other field of engineer or science related to aerospace machines.

Career Research

Aerospace engineers are workers who focused on modeling, creating, testing aircrafts, missiles, and spacecrafts. Most of this job is done in an office where computers will be used to model and label parts of the aircraft or missile. After the preparation is done, a group of aerospace engineers gather together to focus on the creating of the model. This task can take months to complete, and afterwards, test will be run to make sure all parts are well made and functional to prevent accidents from occurring when the model is in use. Most aerospace engineers need a good sense of critical reading and thinking, the ability to communicate with one another, the sense of physics and engineering, and advanced math skills. The field of aerospace engineering is said to grow 7% from 2012 to 2022 which is lower than the average. The job pays $49.87 per hour. In average, that is about $103,720 per year. Although as said earlier, a small portion of the work is done in the office where little danger occurs but once the modeling is complete, you are dealing with heavy metal, engines, flammable fuels and other harmful parts of missiles and aircrafts. As a result, hard helmets, gloves, and other protective wear is worn for protection. They are usually employed by industries who work for national defense, or missiles and spacecrafts. The federal government also employs a lot of these people for their national defense. As of lately, I have been trying to look for people who work in this field but it is very difficult to come in contact with these individuals. I will now try to search Academies and Universities that have people in the field that can provide me with information for this field in which I am very interested in.
Aerospace Engineers -- What is it?

High School Preparation & Possible Universities

Two Major Classes That Will Help In Preparation (High School)

* AP Calculus (Or AP Statistics): Mathematics play a huge role in modeling and creating.

* AP Physics: Physics is need for creating a functional, realistic, end product.

Two Clubs That Will Help In Preparation (High School)

* Engineering Club: Basic knowledge and preparation in engineering will help in this career

* Speech Club: Communication with other members in your group is greatly needed.

Possible Universities To Attend

* Stanford University

* Massachusetts Institution of Technology

* University of Michigan

As a High School Student I could also volunteer to be in the engineering club and can plan a trip to a museum for engineering so more knowledge can be taken in for the subject. The more you know, the better prepared you are to take the challenge.

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