K-5 Ed Tech Talk

October 2019

Thank You!

Happy October! I hope that your school year has gotten off to a great start! I have enjoyed visiting classrooms and thank you for welcoming me with such warmth and excitement!

Check This Out!

Two new resource pages have been added to the MSD Website.

Under the "Parent Resources" tab for each school, you will now find a K-5 Home Connections Technology Page. This is a great resource for parents that includes platform guides, common Q & A, tips for staying safe online, and much more!

Under the "Faculty" tab you will now find a K-5 Teacher Technology Resource Page. This page contains direction guides, blended learning info, and much more!

Accessing District Forms on MSD Website

  1. Access https://www.morrisschooldistrict.org/

  2. Click on “Faculty” in the top header

  3. Enter your district email in the box and click “Next”

  4. Click on the “Faculty” button again

Download the direction sheet here

Click on the Buttons Below:

Adding Lists to Vocabulary Spelling City

Easy direction sheet on adding/importing lists into Vocabulary Spelling City. WTW lists can be added!

Raz-Kids Reminders

Reminder of the Learning A-Z/ Raz-Kids Login procedures!

"Mindful Media"

Learn the Pause, Breathe, Finish Up routine as a self-regulation strategy for transitioning from technology to face-to-face interactions in this fun video!

Contact Me!

Check out my Twitter Page- it highlights and has photos of the amazing ideas that I have seen in YOUR awesome classrooms in the MSD!


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