The NPMS Library Needs You!

Vote for us in the Follett Challenge

The Follett Challenge: Rewarding Innovative School Libraries

The North Pole Middle School Library and 8th Grade Video Production Team are competing in the FOLLETT CHALLENGE.

Vote for us!

Your vote can win $5,000 or more for our library!

How to Vote

Here’s how

1. Go to

2. Type “North Pole Middle” in the search box

3. Click on our video

4. Click on “Vote with Email”

5. Enter your email address

If you're a Fairbanks student, your email is

6. Open a new tab

7. Login to your email

If you're a Fairbanks student, go to and login with your and your password

8. Open the email from and copy the pin

9. Go back to the Follett Challenge window and enter the pin

10. You’re done!

Repeat daily through April 4!

Thanks for your support!