Programming Made Easy Scheme

35 Cross Curricular lessons & projects for Your iPads

Giving all teachers the confidence to teach code

We believe that the use iPads should support the learning of the pupils in creative ways. This allows for far more interesting and engaging projects for the pupils in Key Stage 1 and 2. Programming should also be fun, challenging rewarding and interesting for pupils.Therefore, throughout the scheme there are lots of cross curricular projects involving digital literacy skills, speaking and listening activities, writing projects, maths projects and business and enterprise ideas.

Working alongside pupils and staff in a number of primary school settings we have been able to develop the 'Programming Made Easy' Scheme of Work for Primary Schools.


“I saw this product after attending the ‘The New Computing Curriculum Made Easy’ courses by Mr Andrews Online,” Headteacher at a NAHT conference. “It is a fantastic resource! The lesson plans are really easy to follow, and will give the staff at my school the confidence to teach programming skills. You can tell it’s created by a teacher who understands the classroom”.

"Programming Made Easy' has enabled our teachers to confidently teach the challenging computing curriculum. The easy to follow lesson plans breakdown the step to successful programming. Our curriculum will be enhanced by the cross curricular links, which give us exciting opportunities to embed ideas into other areas of the curriculum and some innovative ideas for raising attainment in oral communication and writing. I have highly recommended this book to our cluster of schools." Sam Bullen, Assistant Head Teacher, Bellfield Primary School

Rapid Progress For *Boys' Writing (*Girls' Too)

Based on sold out courses both in the UK (London, Yorkshire, Manchester, Edinburgh) and US (Atlanta, Boston) we are proud to announce the release of our new book 'Rapid Progress for *Boys' Writing (*Girls' Too). Harnessing the power of technology (iPads/Androids) these writing projects teach the pupils to write for a range of purposes and audiences. Developed over 12 months, extensive classroom trials in a large number and wide range of schools have led to this unique and highly effective approach.

Rapid Progress For Boys Writing Video

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We also deliver staff INSETs, twilights high impact classroom projects (EYFS to Year 6) using technology to support writing outcomes plus bespoke projects to meet the needs of your school.