Digital Teaching and Learning Day

February 17, 2016

Digital Teaching and Learning Day Ideas and Resources

National Digital Teaching and Learning Day is set for Wednesday, February 17, 2016. It's a day thousands of schools and local communities across the country recognize great teaching practices and showcase innovative teachers, leaders, and instructional technology programs that are improving student outcomes with the help of digital tools.

Digital Learning Day encourages students teachers, leaders, and communities to be part of transforming our education system. That means thinking differently about how technology can be used to support more engaged, deeper learning opportunities for all students.

Get involved! Check out a few resources I've listed below. Or go to the link below for more ideas. Strive to incorporate authentic digital teaching and learning into your instructional day! Also, join the online conversation using #DLDay! via twitter.


Use Padlet to create a class collection of ideas,

survey data or questions and responses.


Need students to create a digital content for

a presentation? Prezi is a nice alternative

to power point and google slides.
Many free themes available and it follows a

mind mapping concept.