Red Scare

By: Ashton Aldridge, and Baker Anderson


Anarchist- Person who believes there should be no Government.

Capitalism- An economic system based on private property and free enterprise.

How did the Communist Revolution had an affect on our fears?

The Communist were known as the "Reds" because of their alliance to the red Soviet Flag. This led to actions that had an affect on US Government Society.

These people help prevent communism

What Red Scare is all about, and What Red Scare is.

The Red Scare is where the feat of the rise of communism begins. It was during the Jazz Age. The Red Scare was before the Wall Street Crash. "Red Scare" refers to the fear of Communism in the late 1920's. For the first few years after WW 1 ended the US was scared that Communism would spread through out out the world by Russian spies. Especially after WW 2 we were especially scared because all of the Eastern Europe and China had already fallen under the Communist rule.

Why our Nation was afraid of Radicalism.

We were afraid of the spread of communism. There were 2 "Red Scares" in the US.

1. 1919-1920: fear of socialists revolution and political radicalism.

2. 1947-1957: fear of national and foreign communism influencing American Society and infiltrating the federal Government.