Pymy Marmoset

by EliasContreras

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Do you want to know facts about a threatened animal?This animal lives in a tropical forest and is often called a lion monkey.well read these facts about a pygmy marmots.

Body Features

They are five inches tall, plus a eight inch tale.They are less then a half a pound. A pygmy marmoset is the smallest monkey in the world.Their body length is between 12 and 15 cm and their tale length is between 17 and 23 cm. They also weigh between .100 and .125 pounds.The coloring on their body gives them camouflage and they spend most of there time in trees. Their fur is tawny in color and their tale is ringed and is the same length as their body.they also move throw trees quickly and use their teeth to get to tree sap.

Without Its Family

A pygmy marmots is a exotic pet and that is to hard to take care of. When it is a baby and is taken away from its family it does not live long. They have to be fed two weeks so they can be time consuming pets.A pet pygmy marmots can grave a dislike to their owners. sometimes they will bite their owners

Its Ability To Climb

Climbing is really important to pygmy marmost.It uses its ability to climb to lick the tree sap from trees it is its favorite food. They clime up and down trees to find vine and tree holes to save their tree sap. They make up to 1,300 holes in each tree. They sometimes use the sap to bring in butterflies so they can eat them.
Cheerful Pygmy Marmoset (Dwarf Monkey) eating