#PZSYD - 27 June, 2017 8-9pm AEST

#PZSyd Twitter chat following Mark Church's mini-course

#PZSyd via Twitter

After the mini-course by Mark Church, co-author Making Thinking Visible, from Harvard's Project Zero - we'll continue the learning journey by continuing the conversations via #PZSyd twitter chat on Tuesday 8-9pm AEST.

Join us for discussions with a focus on;

Q1 - Feedback on the new routines Mark presented, namely ESP+I, Fav No, Beauty& Truth, Give 1 Get 1.

Q2 - How do I get through all of the stuff I have to cover & implement a culture of thinking?

Q3 - Are routines inhibiting thinking if they are enacted with a rigid structure?

Q4 - Routines & routinised thinking - how can we best achieve routinised thinking?

Q5 - Which routines would you focus on in the second half of the school year?

#PZSyd chat 27 June 2017

Tuesday, June 27th, 8-9pm

This is an online event.

Remember to use the hashtag #PZSyd and join the conversations.