Stress Management

Stress is everywhere here is how to deal with it!

What is stress exactly?

Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances

Some causes of stress:

School work/ grades





Other people you are surrounded by

Stress can effects you in many ways:


Lack of sleep

Heart burn

Feel like you have no energy

High blood pressure

Weak immune system


Not as hungry or hungrier than usual

Depressed/ Anxiety

Harder to breathe

Lets talk Statistics:

These stats were taken when teen were asked what mostly causes them stress, here are the outcomes:

1. School work 78%

2. Parents 68%

3. Romantic relationships 64%

4. Friend problems 64%

5.Younger siblings 64%

Facts about teen stress:

One in five teens qualify as clinically depressed

Stress ups suicide and self harm rates

Some schools have gotten rid of AP programs because of how they raise stress levels

Females feel stress harder than males do

Negative ways to deal with stress:



Using pills to relax or sleep

Sleeping too much

Over eating or not eating enough

Lashing out on others

isolating yourself

Self harm

Avoiding your problem


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Here are some positive ways to deal with stress!:

What can help me deal with stress?


Figure out where is causing the stress and see if you can fix it

Manage your time well

Read a book

Write a story or poem

Write down your feelings

Get help from someone else

Do not try to control things that you can not control

Listen to music

Watch your favorite movie/ show