Knife ship

Bilbao, Spain

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It was comminsioned by the Guggenheim Museum. Clause Oldenburg and his wife Cossje Van Baugger created it. They worked together on a lot of different sculptures. They did sculptures together after they meet. It was installed in 1985. The process took 25 years.

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The artist says that they felt free to use all sorts of different approaches. They had to work through it in words and sketches. They wanted to communicate a dialogue in this art work. A challenge was the size that the art work was created in. It took a while to come up with the sketch and then to create it for real.

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I think that the sculpture is cool. It looks like the knife blades can move. The ship looks cool. I like how it was put together. The knife ship is a really cool piece of art and I think that it was put together well. Even though it took a while I think was worth it. It looks good and I hope that lots of people enjoy it as much as I do. Tiffany Probasco
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