Mrs. Rotello's Class News

Week of February 8-12, 2016

In the news.....

We have been working hard on progressing our reading skills by studying simple words with 'a, e, i, and o' as the middle sound. Examples include: mat, set, lip, pop, etc. Please work on these types of words at home as it will help them recognize these more quickly when reading. Thanks for all that you do!

**Dates to remember**

Feb. 5th - Progress reports go home

Feb. 12th - Valentine's party and Daddy/Daughter dance

Feb. 15th - Early release for conferences

Feb. 22nd - Math & Science Night

What we are learning:

Sight words: did, me

ELA: Short 'o' cvc words

Reading: Discuss the way authors group information

Writing: creating lists, captions, and invitations

Math: 3D shapes/subtraction

S.S.: Earth and Valentine's Day