Robert E. Lee

By: Ian White and Wyatt Montgomery

Early Life of Robert E. Lee

Robert E. Lee was born January 19th, 1807, Stratford Hall, VA. Robert E Lee attended and graduated form the United States Military Academy. Robert E Lee came from a family of Aristocrats, with many popular family memebers.
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Robert E. Lee's Contribution to the Civil War

Robert E. Lee only really contributed by leading the confederate army, but Robert E. Lee did it extremely well. Robert E. Lee distinguished himself on the battlefield as a great leader, pushing back the Union in Richmond and giving the South a crucial Victory at Manassas.
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Robert E. Lee's Life After the Civil War

Robert E. Lee avoided being hanged thanks to a forgiving Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant. He returned to his family in April 1865, and eventually became president of a small college in Virgina, and kept quiet about politics from then on. He died of a stroke on October 12th, 1870. There is a Robert E Lee National Memorial in Arlington National Cemetry.
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Interesting Facts About Robert E. Lee

-Robert E. Lee's father was a governor of Virginia.

-His old nickname "Granny Lee" changed to "Marse Robert" after the Seven Days' Battle

-Robert E. Lee married the great grandaughter of Martha Washington.

-His tactical planning helped us win the Mexican War.

-Robert E. Lee was buried without his shoes because the only coffin available was too short