MAP Reports

All you want to know about Student Progress Reports in NWEA.

How to download a Student Progress Report

Follow these instructions to download your students' progress reports.

Interpreting a Progress Report

Follow along as we look at a progress report.

2015 Normative Data - NWEA MAP

This link shows where the students should score at various times during the school year.

Google Folder of Fall Progress Reports

Here is a link to the Google Folder that contains all MAP reports that we are emailing to families.

Sample email that went to MS and HS Parents with the Progress Report

Dear Laura Adams,

Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School administers the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Assessment three times a year: Fall (September), Winter (January/February), and Spring (May). The information that is provided to teachers about each student’s current skill level and specific needs helps us to customize his or her education.

The reports are also very valuable to students and parents, giving you a snapshot of student performance in both math and reading. For students who have been enrolled at PALCS for more than one MAP administration, you can see student growth over time. Growth is measured as RIT scores. RIT stands for Rausch Unit. It is used to measure how “tall” a student is on the curriculum scale, similar to measuring height on a yardstick. It reflects the level at which the student is currently performing.

We wanted to give you a copy of your student’s report. To access the report for Andrew Adams, please go to The second page of the report gives detailed information on how to read the report. If your student doesn’t have any data for FA2015, it means your student didn’t participate in MAP testing this fall. More information about the MAP Assessment is available here:

As a reminder, Parent-Teacher conferences are on Monday, November 23, and Tuesday, November 24. We invite you to sign up for a conference with one or more of your student’s teachers. Teachers will be available to discuss course progress, and can answer any MAP questions that you might have. More information about Parent-Teacher conferences is available on the Moodle Front Page and in Homeroom courses.

As always, thank you for allowing us to partner with you in your student’s education.

Parent Guide for Progress Reports

This parent guide is included with the progress reports.