By: Zach Holmes, Max Anderson, & Alex Suarez

Who is ISIS?

The Islamic State of Iraq or "ISIS" is a militant group in Iraq and Syria. ISIS is brutal and have no remorse for their actions. They recently bombed paris and had two "soldiers" shoot up a government building where 14 were killed and 22 injured. ISIS is an ally of Al-Qaeda and both are radical anti-western militant groups.

The Power Vacuum

A power vacuum is when someone has lost control of something and no one has replaced them or taken their place at the top. Leaving no one in charge it makes it easier for anyone to take control of the group. This is how ISIS became so big and grew so quick.


Leyria Holmes: When speaking to Ms.Holmes about ISIS she said she think that the united states and other countries should team up as a whole to defeat isis.

Janelle Crays: Janelle stated that she would like america to stay out of the war with isis so we dont have to worry about even more casualties happening to americans.

Personal Opinion

ISIS is a very big terrorist cell that needs to be stopped and I would like them to be gone but it is highly unlikely that they will go away anytime soon. With the attacks that have been happening around the world it makes me wonder if isis will ever be stopped completely. The United States should team up with other countries around the world to defeat isis as quickly as possible so that we can focus on other important topics instead of war. I would send troops to the middle east again sadly just because they have more open terrain and we do not, so it would be easier. I would also close the borders to everyones including already existing americans because even some of them are becoming a part of ISIS.
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