"The most elite club in the world"!

Starting Salary: $174,000

You too can be part of the Upper Court! Become a Senator today!

If you have a strong sense of patriotism, a knack for fundraising and popularity in your home state? If so, you may be right for a job in Congress!

This job gives you the exciting opportunity to represent your home state voters in a national convention. You will be involved chiefly in creating laws to govern the country as a whole, and discussing those laws which are to take effect. Much of this job involves debating and compromising on issues, as well as participating in committees to work on various pieces of legislation.

Other qualifications for the Senate include:

-30 year age requirement

-9 years a citizen

-Inhabitant of representative state

*Previous political experience a plus


As a congressman/woman, you will receive a number of benefits in addition to your salary. These generous amenities include:

-Access to assistance from the Library of Congress

-Discounted Health Insurance

-Discounted Life Insurance

-Discounted Health Care at military hospitals

-Tax deduction

-Generous Travel Allowance

-Generous Retirement Plan

-No charge for official mail

-Free reserved parking

-Access to fine dining and a state-of-the-art gymnasium

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We want YOU for the US Government!

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